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Two new articles on OSHA complaints filed by janitors who clean Target stores

Workers Locked Inside of Target Stores Overnight,” The Nation, Josh Eidelson, 1/24/2013

“At 11 at night, I would ring the doorbell to get let in, and then from there, we would be locked in the store all night, until 7 am when they opened the store,” said Honorio Hernandez, who cleaned Target stores for three years before leaving a year ago for other work. “I was scared that something would happen, and I wouldn’t be able to get out of the store…. But I never complained about it because I was scared that I would lose my job.”

Target endangers workers by locking them in at night,” People’s World, Steve Share, 1/24/2013

While Target locks workers in at night on Jan.17, during the day here, it locked workers out. The retail giant locked the doors to its corporate headquarters in downtown Minneapolis on January 17 rather than allow representatives of a workers’ organization to hand-deliver a letter outlining concerns about health and safety issues for the workers who clean Target stores. A security guard in a red winter coat stood outside the locked doors to Target’s corporate headquarters, keeping an eye on the dozens of workers who gathered in protest outside.

Workers file complaints about health and safety violations while cleaning Target stores,” Minneapolis Labor Review, Steve Share, 1/25/2013

Target locks in graveyard shift workers at night,”, Natasha Leonard, 1/25/2013