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Retail Janitors Win Class Action Lawsuit: February 2016

Days before strike, retail janitors win proposed class action settlement for over $400,000!

Final Capital meme 4

Jesus Sanchez, CTUL member: “By uniting together my co-workers and I have won a big victory. But we shouldn’t be forced to sue our employer to be paid for hours that we already worked. Wage theft is an all too common problem for retail janitors. We don’t need a band-aid. We need a cure. And that cure is a voice on the job, union rights, and $15 an hour. My co-workers and I are prepared to strike on February 18th if Capital refuses to enter into sincere dialogue about these issues.” (Jesus works for Capital Building Group Services cleaning a Macy’s and Herberger’s store)

Press Coverage:

Click here for a copy of the press release about the proposed settlement

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