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4.15.15 Fight for $15!


We work for corporations that generate tremendous profits, but don’t pay employees enough to cover basic needs like food, health care, rent, and transportation. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Stand with workers on April 15 for $15 and Union Rights!

  • Unity Rally & March 4:30 – 6:00 PM. Meet at Northrop Mall, University of Minnesota (84 Church St SE, Mpls) & March to Dinkytown McD’s (407 15th Ave SE). Click here to RSVP on Facebook.

  • Fast Food Worker Action 6:00am. Location TBA

In building towards April 15th, CTUL members and allies have been leading numerous actions . Join us Saturday, March 28 for the next opportunity:

  • Saturday, March 28, 2-4pm, Exchange with workers to talk about how the economy impacts us all, and steps we can take to improve the economy for working Minnesotans. Meet at CTUL office (2511 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, inside Bethany Lutheran Church)

Also check out below some of the exciting actions that have happened over the past few weeks., including:

Feb. 21 Action for Workers’ Rights

Best Buy

Dozens of CTUL members and allies led delegations to the Roseville Best Buy and Kohl’s stores, calling on the companies to play a leadership role in strengthening basic worker protections for working Minnesotan families.

March 17 Fast Food Worker Action

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Workers report that management at the Uptown McDonald’s has promised raises for many months but has not followed through, and that many workers have had to work shifts alone. CTUL members led a delegation to speak with the manager on March 17, backed by a crew of allies including around a dozen high school students from Stillwater and Northfield, North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters, MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), and 15 Now Minnesota

March 18 Fast Food Worker Action


CTUL members who work in fast food and allies led an action as part of a national day of action with fast food workers, protesting the overwhelming number of burns in the workplace and the lack of proper first aid for burns. 

March 21 Action for Workers’ Rights


6 teams, 12 stores, 2 companies, 1 message: Best Buy and Kohl’s, stop lobbying against paid sick leave an increases in the minimum wage!


CTUL at the State of the Union!

Long-time CTUL ally U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison has invited Veronica Mendez, as a representative of CTUL and low-wage workers in Minnesota, to President Barack Obama’s sixth State of the Union. Click here for more


“Yesterday the radio was filled with speeches from the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Today I will stand beside the first African-American to be elected to the House of Representatives from Minnesota listening to a speech from the first African-American President of the United States. While I am honored, I go with a conflicted heart…” – Veronica Mendez Moore (click here to read the entire statement)

Press Coverage:


3rd Annual CTUL Pancake Brunch Fundraiser

pancake brunch image

Sunday, Feb. 15th, 11am-2pm, 2511 E. Franklin Ave. (inside of Bethany Lutheran Church)

Join us for food, fun, updates on campaigns, and to meet the CTUL members who are leading the fight for fair wages, fair working conditions, and a voice in the workplace.

Suggested donation of $5 (student / low-income) to $15 at the door for all you can eat pancakes, egg bakes, coffee and more.


The Times They Are A-Changing…


KBS Becomes First Retail Janitorial Company in the Twin Cities to Sign Agreement

For over four years, retail janitors have struggled to change a backwards industry rampant with poverty wages, wage theft, dangerous working conditions, lack of benefits, etc. Workers have organized with CTUL, leading marches, strikes and more. Now Target Corporation has created a Responsible Contractor Policy in the contracted cleaning of its stores; and just last week, two days before the Black Friday Strike for Our Lives, one of the largest retail janitorial companies in the Twin Cities, Kellermeyer Bergenson’s Services (KBS), signed an agreement with SEIU that respects the rights of workers to organize, preventing strikes from taking place at stores cleaned directly by the company.

Despite the fact that Target Corporation has taken a leadership role in the industry by creating the Responsible Contractor Policy, one of the companies that currently cleans Target stores – Prestige Maintenance USA – has not taken the policy seriously. Many workers are still forced to work seven days a week, and the company has not engaged in sincere dialogue to address issues of poverty wages and poor working conditions. Because of wages and working conditions, janitors who work for contracted companies cleaning Target stores participated in the Black Friday strike.

Following the KBS agreement and the Black Friday strike, Target Corporation put out a public statement about the contracted cleaning of its stores: “We are very pleased by the progress that some vendors have made and continue to strongly encourage other vendors that haven’t made similar progress to come to the table with SEIU and CTUL and work together in good faith.” In the statement, Target emphasized that “to the extent our vendors fail to do so we will hold them accountable.”

The times, they are a-changing…workers are calling for change, the broader community is calling for change, Target Corporation is calling for change, KBS is calling for change…it’s time for Prestige and other retail janitorial companies to catch up to the times! Click here for more detailed information.


#StrikeFastFood Rocks the Twin Cities


Picture by The Union Advocate

Thousands of fast food workers in over 190 cities around the country walked out on strike on December 4th, demanding $15 and union rights. Here in the Twin Cities, over 400 workers and community allies braved the cold for two actions at 6am and noon. Click here for a full report.

CTUL member Guillermo Lindsay in CBS MoneyWatch: “I’d rather live than survive. What about you?” Click the link below for the entire article, and click here for local coverage.

Fast-food nation: Workers stage nationwide protests,” Bruce Kennedy, CBS MoneyWatch, Dec. 4, 2014


Strike for Our Lives” 11.28.14

CTUL all worker meme

Huelga Para Nuestras Vidas

Retail janitors who work for contracted companies cleaning large stores like Home Depot, Sears, Kohl’s and others walked out on strike today at over 50 stores in the Twin Cities, demanding fair wages and the right to organize. Hundreds of allies stood with workers in the freezing cold for three hours. Click here for more pictures from the picket line.

In front of HD

Recently, Target Corporation committed to play a leadership role by implementing the industry’s first Responsible Contractor Policy. Yet, the companies that clean Target stores are not only ignoring workers’ voices, they are also ignoring Target by not respecting the new Responsible Contractor Policy. Workers still report having to work seven days a week, ongoing sub-poverty wages that take a toll on workers’ health, and no clear path to ensure workers’ voices. Since these and other large cleaning companies continue to pay poverty wages and refuse to take workers seriously, workers at four cleaning companies walked out on strike: Prestige Maintenance USA, Carlson Building Maintenace, Kimco Services and Diversified Maintenance Systems.

Press coverage:


Black Friday Week of Action

Fighting to Live

“Fighting to Live, Not Just Survive!” 

They toil all hours to provide holiday service,” Op-Ed by Representative Ryan Winkler in the Star Tribune, Nov. 27

So this Thanksgiving, we owe Minnesota’s low-wage workers a debt of gratitude for making our favorite holiday celebrations possible. We should also thank them for reminding us that our economy needs to change and that it can change, if people speak up and start demanding better. We should support the low-wage workers who are standing up for all of us


Donate to the Retail Janitor Strike Fund

Background: The Minnesota Department of Health recently published a report on poverty and health in the state, highlighting the fact that Minnesotans who live in areas with the highest median household income live an average of 8 years longer than those who live in areas with the lowest median household incomes. According to the report: “The growing economic inequities and the persistence of health disparities in our great state are a matter of life and death for many.”

This holiday season, low-wage workers from across the state of Minnesota are fighting to take back the years that companies are stealing off working families’ lives. Stand with retail janitors and fast food workers with CTUL, Walmart workers with OUR Walmart, airport workers with 15 Now, home health care workers with SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, the fight for paid sick days with Take Action Minnesota, and other low-wage workers from across the state of Minnesota who are joining together through Minnesotans for a Fair Economy (MFE) for a Black Friday Week of Action, November 28 – December 5, 2014:

Black Friday Week of Action:

  • Friday, November 28, 6am. Retail Janitor “Strike for Our Lives“: Retail janitors with CTUL have set a Black Friday strike deadline. Picket 6-9am, The Quarry, 1520 New Brighton Blvd., Mpls
  • Friday, November 28, 10am. “March for Our Lives”. Take Action Minnesota together with striking Walmart workers from OUR Walmart are leading a mass march demanding paid sick days. Meet at University Ave. & N. Griggs St., St. Paul.
  • Saturday, November 29, 7pm. “Food Chains”, a new film about the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW). At the end of the film there will be a panel discussion including a worker from the CIW and CTUL.
  • Tuesday, December 2, 4pm. Greater MN Worker Center Community Action stand in solidarity and THANK Retail and Meat Packing Workers for their hard work this season and to acknowledge their year-round battle for fair employment opportunities. 4PM 4101 W Division St. St. Cloud, MN 56301 Crossroads Mall. 4:45PM 113 Waite Ave S. St. Cloud, MN 56301 Cashwise Foods
  • Thursday, December 4, 6am. Fast Food Actions. Join fast food workers with CTUL and home health care workers with SEIU HCMN in the Fight for $15. Meet outside of Walker Library in Uptown (2880 Hennepin Ave, Mpls) at 6am.
  • Thursday, December 4, 12pm. Fast Food Actions Round 2! Meet at 34th and Nicollet at noon.
  • Wednesday, December 5, 12pm. Working America and Take Action MN Release of Report on Low-Wage Worker Struggles Poverty-Wage Jobs. Report details data around Earned Sick Days, Wage Theft, Unfair Scheduling and more. 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. St. Paul, MN 55155 – Room 181 State Office Bldg 
  • Friday, December 5, 12pm. Airport workers’ 15 Now Rally for $15/hour and a Union. Support MSP International Airport Workers who are organizing with SEIU Local 26, 15 NOW and IAM as they join the national fight for $15 and their right to a union. Meet at the Terminal 1 Ticketing Drop off Area at 12:00 PM



Retail Janitors Set Black Friday Strike Deadline

Over 100 workers and community allies braved the cold to join the announcement of a strike deadline with retail janitors outside of the Home Depot in Richfield. Last June, after a series of meetings with CTUL and workers, Target Corporation created a Responsible Contractor Policy that ensures that companies contracted to clean Target stores will open dialogue with workers to improve working standards in the industry. Since the announcement, the two companies that clean Target stores and a third company that cleans other stores in the Twin Cities have all opened dialogue, yet they have not seemed to take workers’ concerns seriously. Other cleaning companies have refused to talk at all.

Strike For Our Lives Announcement Meme

We are fighting to live, not just survive!

“We will no longer sit back quietly as cleaning companies steal years off of our lives and the lives of our families by paying poverty wages. On Black Friday, we will ‘Strike for Our Lives’ against all of the cleaning companies that refuse to respect our right to organize without fear of retaliation,” — Maricela Flores, retail janitor and CTUL member.

Click here for a report of the announcement and more photos

Press Coverage:



CTUL is a low-wage worker-led organization that is fighting for fair wages, fair working conditions, and a voice in the workplace for all workers in the Twin Cities metro area. Currently CTUL is leading three campaigns:

defensores2 CTUL Victoria 2014 - Social Media CTUL100_LogoFightFor15_BWsmall

  • Campaign for Justice in Retail CleaningOver the past 10-15 years, wages and working conditions in retail cleaning have spiraled out of control, with constantly lowering wages and increasing workloads. After four years of organizing, including three strikes against cleaning companies in 2013, workers have won significant changes in the industry. Most recently, after a year of dialogue between Target Corporation, CTUL and retail janitors, Target is taking a leadership role in the industry by adopting new language in an unprecedented Responsible Contractor Policy. Click here for more information on the campaign.
  • Fast Food Campaign: Fast food workers in the Twin Cities are organizing with CTUL as part of the national Fight for $15 and the right to a union. Click here for more information on the campaign, including a report on workers’ first strike in the Twin Cities on September 4, 2014.
  • Defensores de Derechos / Workplace Rights Defenders: Low-wage workers participate in a series of four in-depth workshops on workplace rights and how to document violations of workplace rights. After participating in four workshops workers form the Defensores Committee, which will facilitate workshops with other workers and will gather information to publish a report in September 2015 on low-wage work in the Twin Cities. Come back soon for more information on Defensores.


9/4 TC Fast Food Strike Report


What an incredible day! Fast food workers across the country are rising, demanding fair wages and working conditions. Click here for a full report on the fast food strike here in the Twin Cities organized by CTUL, including photos, press coverage, videos and more…



Complete list of media coverage

Videos from the Victory Announcement

CTUL Victoria 2014 - Social Media

After four years of organizing including leading three strikes against cleaning companies in 2013, and a year of dialogue between Target Corporation, CTUL and retail janitors, Target is taking a leadership role in the industry by adopting new language in an unprecedented Responsible Contractor Policy that will be implemented for new cleaning contracts at their stores. The policy is the first of its kind nationally in the industry. CTUL is now calling on every other major retail stores to follow Target’s leadership by adopting the same Responsible Contractor Policy, including:

  1. Protecting and ensuring workers’ rights to collectively bargain with their employers;
  2. Ensuring that workers have the right to form safety committees in the workplace made up of at least 50% workers who are designated by their co-workers; and
  3. Ensuring that workers are not forced to work seven days a week.

This victory paves the way for workers to gain fair wages, benefits, and a voice in the workplace, and has implications that move well beyond the estimated 1,000 retail janitors in the Twin Cities, opening the door to ensure that low-wage workers of color have a place at the table in deciding the future of work. Fundamentally this is part of CTUL’s vision of empowering low-wage workers to play a leadership role in reorganizing the economy to ensure that it works for everyone, not just the 1%.

Press Highlights

“The janitors who clean Twin Cities Target stores announced victory today, after the retailer agreed to a new policy that will give the workers better conditions, including the right to collectively bargain, and ensure workers are not forced to work seven days a week.”

“…a strong core of leaders in the industry, who have gone on three strikes…that’s the mechanism of enforcement.”


And in case you missed the reports of previous actions…


Video from Labor Education Services:

What a day! Hundreds of workers and community allies made it through the freezing cold for four and a half hours on a picket line with striking retail janitors this morning. Click here for pictures from the picket.

March to End Poverty Wages in MN

Video from MN2020

July 2013 Strike Report

February 2013 Strike Report