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3rd Annual CTUL Gala & Silent Auction


The Gala was a huge success, packing the third floor of Plaza Verde with worker members, allies, delicious food, and much more. Click here to see some of the pictures from the Gala.



Complete list of media coverage

Videos from the Victory Announcement

CTUL Victoria 2014 - Social Media

CTUL Victory Block Party, Saturday, June 14, 1-4pm, corner of 25th Ave. & Franklin Ave. E., Minneapolis

Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha (CTUL) has just won a huge victory with sub-contracted janitors who clean retail stores in the Twin Cities metro area. Here are some highlights after a whirlwind of celebrations:

Photos and Report from Victory Press Conference

victory ready

Press Highlights (click here for all coverage)

“The janitors who clean Twin Cities Target stores announced victory today, after the retailer agreed to a new policy that will give the workers better conditions, including the right to collectively bargain, and ensure workers are not forced to work seven days a week.”

“…a strong core of leaders in the industry, who have gone on three strikes…that’s the mechanism of enforcement.”


After four years of organizing including leading three strikes against cleaning companies in 2013, and a year of dialogue between Target Corporation, CTUL and retail janitors, Target is taking a leadership role in the industry by adopting new language in an unprecedented Responsible Contractor Policy that will be implemented for new cleaning contracts at their stores. The policy is the first of its kind nationally in the industry. CTUL is now calling on every other major retail stores to follow Target’s leadership by adopting the same Responsible Contractor Policy, including:

  1. Protecting and ensuring workers’ rights to collectively bargain with their employers;
  2. Ensuring that workers have the right to form safety committees in the workplace made up of at least 50% workers who are designated by their co-workers; and
  3. Ensuring that workers are not forced to work seven days a week.

This victory paves the way for workers to gain fair wages, benefits, and a voice in the workplace, and has implications that move well beyond the estimated 1,000 retail janitors in the Twin Cities, opening the door to ensure that low-wage workers of color have a place at the table in deciding the future of work. Fundamentally this is part of CTUL’s vision of empowering low-wage workers to play a leadership role in reorganizing the economy to ensure that it works for everyone, not just the 1%.

Join us in celebrating this tremendous and unprecedented victory, and in calling on other Big Box stores to follow Target’s leadership!

CTUL Victory Block Party, Saturday, June 14, 1-4pm, corner of 25th Ave. & Franklin Ave. E., Minneapolis


And in case you missed the reports of previous actions…


NEW: Video from Labor Education Services:

What a day! Hundreds of workers and community allies made it through the freezing cold for four and a half hours on a picket line with striking retail janitors this morning. Click here for pictures from the picket.

March to End Poverty Wages in MN

NEW: Video from MN2020

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