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Facts about the Campaign for Justice in Retail Cleaning

How long has this campaign been going on?

CTUL began organizing with Retail Janitors 6 years ago. In 2011 CTUL and SEIU Local 26 entered into partnership. CTUL continued to organize with janitors and support them when they began to organize a union with SEIU Local 26

Who are the workers?

Workers work for janitorial contractors that are subcontracted to clean retail big box stores. Workers are primarily Latino workers but the industry is increasingly diverse including an increasing population of Somali and African American workers.

Which Retail Stores are impacted?

Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, Cub Foods, Lunds & Byerly’s, Whole Foods

Who are the cleaning contractors?

  • Carlson Building Maintenance (Target, Cub Foods, Lunds & Byerly’s)
  • Prestige Maintenance USA (Target, Macy’s)
  • IFS (Best Buy)
  • Leones (Whole Foods)

How many workers are impacted?

We estimate that the industry is comprised of about 1,000 workers. These agreements include the majority of workers in this industry

What are the key pieces of Target’s Responsible Contractor Policy?

  • Contractors may not require workers to work 7 days per week
  • Contractors will convene joint labor and management safety committees that are made up of at least half worker representatives who are elected by their co-workers in a process determined by workers, not the employers. This committee will deal with issues of health and safety that are mutually agreed upon by workers and management
  • Contractors must enter into an agreement with the Union to ensure that there will not be protests at the jobsite
  • Workers have the right to organize without fear of retaliation