VICTORY! Paid Sick Days in Minneapolis! May 2016

VICTORY! Paid Sick Days in Minneapolis: May 2016

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VICTORIA! Dias Enfermos Pagados en Minneapolis!

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Today, the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to pass Earned Sick and Safe Time. This historic vote comes after more than a year of leaders with Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL) and many other organizations fighting to win.

”Passing earned sick and safe time is a huge victory for workers and our families. Fast food workers and janitors with CTUL have been striking for the past few years for higher wages, union rights, a voice in the workplace and benefits like paid sick days and finally our city is taking a big step to help us workers and our families. We deserve to take care of our health and our families as well,” said Guillermo Lindsay, a McDonald’s worker and member of CTUL.

Click here for CTUL’s complete statement about the victory

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