11.29 A Day of Resistance #Fightfor15

Tuesday, November 29, 2016



The time is now!

Workers from 10 different industries representing around a quarter of the entire workforce in the Twin Cities metro area unite in the #Fightfor15, calling on corporations and elected officials to ensure that $15 for families becomes a reality in Minneapolis and in all of Minnesota. Highlights include:

5:30-7:00am, Fast Food Workers Strike, McDonald’s at 2400 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis.


Last year Teresa Benson, a Minneapolis fast food worker and CTUL leader in the #Fightfor15, passed away. Despite working at McDonald’s for years, Teresa was homeless, had no medical care, and ultimately ended up losing her life on the streets. We cannot lose another community member! Striking workers will be joined by hundreds of community allies including U.S. Representative Keith Ellison.

7:00-9:00am, Retail Janitorial Action, Kohl’s in Eden Prairie, 450 Prairie Center Dr.


For Kohl’s, the holiday season makes up for 30% of their annual sales. While corporations like Kohl’s make huge profits during the holiday season, the retail janitors who keep their stores clean struggle to survive. Join retail janitors in the call on Kohl’s to implement a Responsible Contractor Policy. This will put janitors on the path to having good paying, stable jobs, with benefits like paid sick days just like other retail janitors in the Twin Cities who recently won a union!

4:30-7:00pm, Unity March, Coffman Union at UofM, 300 Washington Ave. SE.


Student workers, full-time university workers, teachers, fast food workers, retail janitors, construction workers, retail workers, bakery workers, home healthcare workers, and airport workers unite in a march calling on corporations and elected officials to ensure that $15 for families becomes a reality in Minneapolis and all of Minnesota. The time is now!