Dia Sin Inmigrantes

Un Dia Sin Inmigrantes – 2/16

A Day Without Immigrants – 2/16

Click here for the Community Letter with Dozens of Community Organizations and and Leaders who have signed in solidarity with immigrant workers who participated in the Day Without an Immigrant Actions

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Yesterday, hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers nationwide participated in a powerful Day Without Immigrants action, responding to the attacks on immigrant communities by the Trump administration. As part of this action, hundreds of thousands of workers went on strike demanding workplaces and communities free of discrimination based on national origin and religious beliefs. Federal labor law under the National Labor Relations Act protects workers’ rights to participate in such a strike. CTUL is committed to defending the rights of all workers as they fight for better workplaces and communities, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and not met with discrimination of any kind.

Most employers have respected and supported the rights of workers as they participated in yesterday’s strike and were welcomed back to work today. We have received a handful of complaints from workers who have been threatened with retaliation by the employers for participating in the actions. So far, once we have reached out to these employers together with the workers, the majority have respected workers’ rights and have welcomed the workers back to work. However, there are a couple of employers who are currently choosing not to respect the rights of workers. We are working closely with these workers and employers to try and resolve the threats of retaliation.

We will continue to monitor cases that we are made aware of to support workers in defending their rights. We are very thankful for all community members, allies, businesses, and elected officials who are standing in solidarity with the immigrant community by signing a community letter of support.

Most importantly, the continued courage and resilience of the immigrant community is proof that we will not only survive, but continue to stand together and build the resistance needed to make our world a better place. We are proud and honored to stand with all immigrants in the struggle for peace and justice for us all.