Statement on Minneapolis 2020 City Budget

We are pleased to see that the Minneapolis City Council is investing in our community by adding ONE additional wage theft investigator in the 2020 budget and further investing in community contracts for outreach, education, and enforcement to make sure wage theft ordinances have a real impact on workers’ lives.

Thank you to the workers who stood up and raised their voices. Your bravery and power is felt by ALL workers in Minneapolis. We also want to thank Minneapolis City Council members for your partnership in prioritizing these budget items and lifting workers’ voices.

Wage theft is a rampant problem in Minneapolis and disproportionately affects low-wage black and brown workers. A stable income, stable housing, and access to resources is what makes our communities safe and we are happy to see Minneapolis is moving in this direction. As we celebrate this victory, we also continue to stand with Reclaim the Block in their demands to divest from police and invest in community prevention measures, like enforcement of wage theft, investing in homelessness services, funding solutions to the opioid crisis at the scale of the crisis itself, and more. Instead of criminalizing vulnerable people, we must find alternatives to policing and continue to invest in our communities.

CTUL celebrates this as a victory for low-wage workers of Minneapolis and shows us the power of workers’ voices when we come together and tell our stories. There is more work to be done and we hope for your continued support in making a truly safe and just Minneapolis for all.