Response to Lifting of Stay at Home Order

Workers are the frontline Defenders of Community Health during COVID-19 and must be included in deciding and implementing workplace safety standards

We find ourselves in a pivotal moment of change. Instead of going back to the old “normal”, a reality based on the exploitation of workers, we can unite together and demand a new normal led and shaped by workers’ voices, one that prioritizes safety over profit, and a chance to build a new economy that allows workers and their families to survive this crisis and thrive beyond it.

On Wednesday May 13th, Governor Walz announced that Minnesota will begin reopening sectors of the economy. We believe this decision is coming too soon, considering the public health recommendations and the lack of protection for workers who will be called back into work. For those who do go to work, we need to ensure that frontline workers have a voice in establishing and enforcing safety standards in their workplaces.

Click here to read CTUL’s complete statement on workplace safety during COVID-19