Job Openings

Job Openings with CTUL

  • Updated: Director of Strategic Operations and Organizational Effectiveness, CTUL. This role will be critical in identifying and operationalizing the infrastructure and collaboration CTUL needs internally to strengthen our existing systems and expand their effectiveness and build new systems and methods for collaboration and efficient, meaningful, and inclusive cross-team work. Click here for more details.
  • Updated: Human Resources Lead and Office Manager, CTUL. The Human Resources Lead and Office Manager will lead CTUL’s human resources body of work as well as manage our physical office location in South Minneapolis. We think of this role as guiding our people and culture work, as well as our physical space, to ensure that the team is supported to do our best work, grounded in our values, and aligned with our organizational purpose.  Click here for details. 
  • Updated: Executive Assistant (part-time), CTUL. This is a part-time position. The Executive Assistant will support our Co-Directors, Board, and the broader staff team, playing a key role in helping to keep folks organized, focused, and moving in the same direction. Click here for details.  
  • Updated: Fundraising Associate, CTUL. The Fundraising Associate will collaborate with the CTUL Development team in fundraising. The main responsibilities for this position will be fundraising from ally organizations (churches, unions, public benefit corporations, etc.) and preparing reports for foundations and other major funders. Click here for more details.