Mesa Organizadora

Members of the Mesa Organizadora of CTUL:

  1. Enrique Chavez – low-wage janitor, from Mexico
  2. Nicomedes Ramirez – low-wage construction worker, from Mexico
  3. Florencio Campos – low-wage janitor, from Mexico
  4. Ignacia Ambriz – low-wage retail worker, from Mexico
  5. Lucila Dominguez – low-wage janitor, from Mexico
  6. Gonzalo Sanchez – low-wage temp worker, from Honduras
  7. Mario Colloly – low-wage temp worker, part-time CTUL staff, from Mexico
  8. Juana Munoz – low-wage manufacturing worker, from Mexico
  9. Jose Rodriguez
  10. Joe Bunce – unemployed, Anglo from the United States

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