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Our Economy Isn’t Working for Workers

Our economy is difficult. Employers and politicians have been building rules and corporate structures that give power to those running businesses while taking it away from workers. When corporations have power and workers aren’t organized, workers don’t get a say in determining fair benefits and wages. Over the years, this has meant decreasing wages and increasingly difficult lives for workers. CTUL is an organization led by low-wage workers, dedicated to building the power and leadership of low-wage workers. We believe that by building a movement for economic justice, we can level the playing field.

Our Vision

CTUL is dedicated to a vision of an empowered community of workers, and to that end is working toward increased involvement on the part of our members in determining the direction of our organization and its programs. We see workers coming together to improve their working conditions and strengthen their circumstances as the most effective way to grow and become stronger as a group, and to convince other workers that this is a cause worth joining and a fight they can win.

We believe that we as workers can be the most effective voices and advocates for the betterment of our wages and working conditions. We are devoted to proving that as one united force, we will be able to prove the truth of the words: SI SE PUEDE!

Nuestra Visión

CTUL esta dedicado a la visión de una comunidad de trabajadores poderosos y hacia ese fin, esta trabajando para involucrar mas a nuestros miembros en determinar la dirección de nuestra organización y sus programas. Creemos que trabajadores uniéndose para mejorar sus condiciones y fortalecer sus circunstancias es la forma mas efectiva de crecer y ser mas fuertes como grupo, y para convencer a otros trabajadores que esta es una causa a la cual vale la pena unirse y es una lucha que pueden ganar.

Nosotros creemos que como trabajadores, somos las voces mas efectivas y los mejores para abogar por mejoramiento de nuestros sueldos y condiciones laborales. Estamos dedicados a comprobar que como una fuerza unida, podremos comprobar la verdad de las palabras: SI SE PUEDE!

Our Mission

CTUL organizes low-wage workers from across the Twin Cities to develop leadership and educate one another to build power and lead the struggle for fair wages, better working conditions, basic respect, and a voice in our workplaces. CTUL is an organization of workers and for workers, committed to securing fair working conditions for present and future generations.

Nuestra Misión

CTUL organiza con trabajadores de bajos ingresos a través de las Twin Cities para desarrollar liderazgo y educarse entre el grupo para construir poder y dirigir la lucha por sueldos justos, mejores condiciones, respeto básico, y una voz en nuestros trabajos. CTUL es una organización de trabajadores y para trabajadores comprometida a asegurar condiciones justas para la generación presente y futuro.

Our Campaigns


Fast Food Campaign

The fast food industry is growing and replacing good paying jobs. These ever growing companies aren’t sharing their wealth with their employees, many of whom are paid poverty wages that can’t support an entire family. CTUL and workers have been fighting back, demanding just wages and benefits from this powerful industry.


Defensores de Derechos

With this series of powerful workshops, Defensores (Defenders) train workers about their workplace rights and how to defend them. By giving more and more workers the power to hold their employers accountable, we are building the base for a movement.


Retail Cleaning Campaign

Large companies like Target and Macy’s have outsourced their cleaning to private contractors, who skirt the law to get away with wage theft and minimal benefits. CTUL has been building worker power to force companies to pay their workers for wage theft, increase wages, and offer benefits.


Ally Organizing

In order to win in the struggle for justice, everyone needs to be involved. CTUL allies show up for workers rights and are building their own power, so they can move in solidarity with low-wage workers.

Our Accomplishments

Since we started, we’ve not only fought, we’ve won. Here are just a few of the things CTUL’s workers have accomplished.


Recovered and Raised Wages

Through worker-led initiatives, CTUL members have recovered over $2 million in unpaid wages and damages, and have won long-term changes for over 5,000 low-wage workers, including raises that bring an estimated $5.5 million in additional income into the poorest communities in the Twin Cities metro area.


Changed Policy

After years of organizing marches, an 11-Day Hunger Strike, and multiple strikes, and after a year of dialogue with Target Corporation, CTUL won a Responsible Contractor Policy in the contracted cleaning of Target stores in the Twin Cities metro area.


Won Paid Sick Days

As part of a coalition of organizations in the Twin Cities, CTUL won two of the strongest Earned Sick and Safe Time municipal policies of anywhere in the country, guaranteeing that tens of thousands of low-wage workers will have access to paid sick days in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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