Job Opening – Tilling the Soil

Job Opening with Tilling the Soil

Coalition Organizer: Rebuilding after the George Floyd Uprising to ensure that development is led by and for the community

Organization Summary:

Tilling the Soil (TTS) is a coalition of five poor people of color-led organizations that are based in the Twin Cities metro area, including:

  • Awood Center
  • Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL)
  • Inquilinxs Unidxs por Justicia (IX)
  • Navigate Minnesota / Unidos Minnesota
  • SEIU Local 26

Position Summary:

The Coalition Organizer position will work for TTS, focused on building a coalition of organizations that fights for a community-led process of rebuilding after the George Floyd Uprising. Many businesses were destroyed during the uprising on Lake Street, in North Minneapolis, and on University Avenue in St. Paul. TTS together with many ally organizations are committed to ensuring that we defund the police and instead invest in rebuilding the community with good jobs, affordable housing, community ownership, redefining safety and security for and by the community, and more, and prevents corporate interests from sucking wealth out of our communities. This position will meet with grassroots organizations in the Twin Cities that have an interest in community-led development to understand their organizational interests, convene organizations in a coalition space to define and fight for collective goals that build all of our organizational interests, and study models of community-led development around the country to bring lessons learned to local work (including working closely with grassroots organizations that led rebuilding efforts in Baltimore after the Freddie Gray Uprising). The position will last for one year from the date of hire.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Meet 1-1 with leadership of a broad variety of grassroots organizations that have a stake in community development, including: Trade unions and other workers’ rights organizations, neighborhood organizations, housing justice organizations, environmental justice organizations, and racial justice organizations.
  • Map the terrain of individual interests and organizational interests in rebuilding that focuses on community-led development to understand the intersections of interests and potential conflicts of interest.
  • Build an organizing plan to move the leadership of organizations in the coalition to deeply understand and respect the organizational interests of groups that are different from their own.
  • Lead coalition spaces to build a Twin Cities model for development led by and for the community.
  • Lead coalition meetings with power players that impact development, including business interests and government representatives.
  • Research examples of community-led development around the country, and facilitate conversations in the coalition spaces about lessons learned in community-led development around the country.
  • Develop and lead a campaign plan for the coalition to achieve the defined goals, including ground game, air strategy, communications, policy, etc..

Knowledge and Experience Expected for Position:

  • At least three years of grassroots organizing experience.
  • Coalition-building across a broad variety of organizations.
  • Strong skills in agenda building and facilitation
  • Experience in community-led development.
  • Strong communication and relationship building skills.
  • Capable of working both independently and cooperatively.
  • Deep and demonstrated commitment to racial, gender and economic justice.
  • Commitment to a culture of vulnerability for personal and organizational growth
  • Flexibility to attend events outside of normal business hours that from time to time may include evenings and weekends.
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity, cope with change, and comfortably handle risk and uncertainty.

Salary & Benefits

This position will be paid by CTUL, but will be supervised by a combination of leadership from TTS organizations. This is a salaried position compensated at $47,000. Benefits include: 3 weeks paid vacation, 12 paid sick days, 5 floating health days, medical and dental insurance for you and your immediate family at 10% cost, annual end of year payment of 5% of yearly salary towards retirement fund, and others. 

Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and people from other marginalized communities are strongly encouraged to apply 

Please send resume, cover letter, and 3 professional references to using the subject: “Rebuilding Coalition Organizer”

 Position Open until Filled