Job Opening: Organizational Story-Teller & Communicator

Job Opening: Organizational Story-Teller & Communicator

Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha (CTUL) is seeking applications for a full-time position as Organizational Story-Teller & Communicator. This position will be lead on building and broadcasting the powerful stories of our base, our overall organization and our vision and values.


Background on CTUL and the job opening:

Over the past ten years, CTUL has forged a new path for worker leadership development in the Twin Cities, opening new spaces where low-wage workers of color have a voice in their workplaces and in their communities. CTUL has a vision of organizing the most marginalized workers in our economy to directly confront the elite corporations and 1% that control our economy, make demands, and win concrete and structural changes for communities across the metro area. Through worker-led campaigns with CTUL, workers have:

  • Worked in coalition to win increased wages and benefits for hundreds of thousands of low-wage workers through the $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis, and Earned Sick & Safe Time in Minneapolis and St. Paul;
  • Transformed the retail janitorial industry, making the Twin Cities the first metro area where the industry is unionized;
  • Recovered over $2 million in unpaid wages and damages in cases of wage theft; and
  • Won long-term changes in their workplace that bring over $7 million in additional income per year into the poorest communities in the metro area.

CTUL is now hiring an Organizational Story-Teller to engage our base, staff and allies in powerful story-telling to shift public narratives around power through amplifying the voices and stories of members, the organization and our vision and values.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Shape and lead strategies to effectively build and amplify the powerful stories of our low-wage worker base to the base, donors, supporters, allied organizations, and press.
  • Engage with the base of CTUL to draw out and own their stories of hardship and leadership.
  • Coordinate with organizing staff to identify and gather powerful stories from our base.
  • Coordinate and lead a plan with organizing staff and worker leaders to engage low-wage workers throughout the Twin Cities metro area through digital organizing, video, community news and radio, flyers, etc.
  • Work with organizing committees to build and broadcast campaign narratives for active campaigns at the organization.
  • Coordinate base and staff to build and broadcast CTUL’s overall organizational narrative, which will shape how we engage with the world in our organizing.
  • Work with development staff to build and carry out a plan that engages our donor base, including regular website updates, blog posts, listserv updates, year-end reports, etc.
  • Recognizing the changing media landscape, think creatively and outside of the box about how to use or create new mediums where workers’ stories can be told.
  • Coordinate CTUL social media presence.
  • Identify and seize strategic opportunities to bring worker voice and worker stories to the forefront in local and national news.
  • Coordinate a team of staff and allies in maintaining a presence with media through press advisories, press releases, and regular communication with national and local journalists.


Overall we are seeking a responsible, focused individual who is committed to social justice work, is self-motivated and is capable of working both independently and cooperatively. Experience in and knowledge of narrative building and story-telling is required. Organizing experience and experience with broader communications work is highly desired. Specific skills in graphic design, web design, html, and video production are pluses, but are not required. Strong social media skills are important.

The successful candidate will be highly organized, self-motivated, detail oriented, creative, strategic, professional, and able to manage multiple projects under tight deadlines. Excellent writing skills and a high level of computer literacy are important. Candidates must possess exceptional interpersonal skills and an ability to work collaboratively with all level of Board members, CTUL members, staff, volunteers, and donors. This job requires flexibility in work schedules, sometimes working evenings, weekends, and at certain times working long hours.

Being bilingual is an asset but not required.


This is a salaried position compensated at $38,600 per year. Benefits include: 3 weeks paid vacation, 12 paid sick days, healthcare insurance at 10% cost, pension 5% of salary, and others. Mileage compensated at $0.29 per mile.

To Apply:

Please send your cover letter and resume to Merle Payne at

People of color are strongly encouraged to apply.