CTUL Solidarity Praxis Group Winter 2020

Let’s get real about what solidarity looks like. This praxis group (a space for reflection and action) is for anyone who wants to show up powerfully alongside the low-wage workers who lead CTUL. Together, we will challenge the emotional blocks and conditioning that get in our way of powerful organizing to end racial capitalism. This group is intended for people of all class backgrounds and of all racialized experiences who want to deepen their engagement with the movement for worker justice in the Twin Cities. The planning team is a multiracial, cross-class group, and we encourage anyone who wants to follow the leadership of low-wage worker members at CTUL to apply. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Luna Gebriel (luna@ctul.net), Allies Organizer at CTUL.

Together we will build a strong community with each other so that we can deepen our commitment to this work. We know that showing up in the movement is a constant learning process, and together we will share and teach each other the tools to do that authentically and powerfully. Read on for details below, and APPLY HERE

This will be a space for joy, play, and breaking bread together. Our intention is to build community and for participants to feel ownership in the space.

Participants will:

  • Contribute and raise funds for CTUL
    • We will share fundraising strategies and draw from our own experiences, from house parties to social media campaigns to one-to-one organizing asks
    • We will offer support to name, share, and work through our fears and barriers
  • Develop a deeper understanding of racial capitalism and the ways it shapes our individual experiences, patterns, and actions
  • Learn a history of CTUL’s organizing strategies for shaping the Minnesota economy
  • Engage in CTUL’s current campaigns and show up in force at a few actions and events
  • Attend six in-person sessions where we learn together about how to be in deeper solidarity with CTUL (see below for details)
  • Read about race, class, and organizing (outside of class)


What we expect from participants:

  • Time commitment – Total time is estimated to be 55-65 hours over the course of 4 months (about 3-4 hours per week), between sessions, actions, social events, and readings
  • Commitment to making a personal meaningful gift to CTUL and making a personal fundraising goal (via house party, individual ask, fundraising event, social media campaign, etc.)
  • Willingness to grow and learn
  • Willingness to be vulnerable and open about your lived experience

We will meet on six Wednesdays, 6-9pm @ CTUL. We will share a meal together at each session.


Suggested Schedule for Sessions (topics subject to change based on the group’s needs)

January 22 – Session 1: Intro

  • Grounding our circle, framing CTUL history, sharing class/money stories

February 12 — Session 2: Fundraising Training

  • Sharing skills about how to raise funds from our networks and develop meaningful relationships grounded in our values through organizing money

March 4 – Session 3: Race & Class

  • Exploring how race and class intersect and show up in our lives, at CTUL, and in our organizing

March 25 – Session 4: Strategy

  • Plugging into CTUL’s current campaigns and strategic thinking

April 15– Session 5: Class Patterns

  • Noticing and shifting the tensions that arise in our work as volunteers at CTUL, and that are amplified by our class identities and experiences

May 6 – Session 6: Action and Closing

  • Celebrating and bridging our work to the movement ahead, and sharing opportunities to stay engaged

If you’re interested in participating, APPLY HERE.


Who are we? The CTUL Solidarity Praxis is organized by CTUL’s Solidarity Committee, a group of CTUL supporters who meet regularly and are committed to deep and continued support of CTUL’s work.