Director, Strategic Operations and Organizational Effectiveness

Organization Summary

Over the past thirteen years, CTUL has forged a new path for worker leadership development in the Twin Cities, opening new spaces where low-wage workers of color have a voice in their workplaces and in their communities. CTUL seeks to strengthen its work building a multi-racial organization.

CTUL has a vision of organizing the most marginalized workers in our economy to directly confront the elite corporations and 1% that control our economy, make demands, and win concrete and structural changes for communities across the metro area. Through worker-led campaigns with CTUL, workers have:

  • Worked in coalition to win increased wages and benefits for hundreds of thousands of low-wage workers through the $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis, and Earned Sick & Safe Time in Minneapolis and St. Paul;
  • Transformed the retail janitorial industry, making the Twin Cities the first metro area where the industry is unionized;
  • Recovered over $2 million in unpaid wages and damages in cases of wage theft; and
  • Won long-term changes in their workplace that bring over $7 million in additional income per year into the poorest communities in the metro area.

Position Summary

In close partnership with the Co-Directors for CTUL, the Director of Strategic Operations and Organizational Effectiveness (OE) works to connect the dots across CTUL, ensuring that organizational culture, processes, and practices best serve our strategic priorities and impact on the ground. In this internal-facing role, the Director will partner with staff across the organization, supporting them to be powerful, impactful, and effective in their work. The Director will also identify operational patterns and opportunities to strengthen cross-team collaboration internally, anticipate and build the systems necessary to address future risks and opportunities for CTUL staff and members, and ensure that our work is values-based and aligned with our mission of building worker power.

This role will be critical in identifying and operationalizing the infrastructure and collaboration CTUL needs internally to strengthen our existing systems and expand their effectiveness and build new systems and methods for collaboration and efficient, meaningful, and inclusive cross-team work. This role will act as a strategic partner to CTUL’s Co-Directors, sit on the leadership team, and supervise the Finance Lead and the HR Lead/Office Manager. In addition to leading our Infrastructure Department, the role will be highly strategic and facilitative – we’re looking for a strong manager with a grounding in campaigns, organizing, and movement building as well as internal operations work. The ideal candidate will be someone who can listen deeply, grasp the big picture and anticipate opportunities and challenges, connect people across the organization to effectively manage and move internal projects forward, and steward systems change and innovation to support all of us at CTUL in staying connected, moving forward with alignment, and doing our best work.

Position Description (Essential duties & responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following)

  • Improve CTUL’s infrastructure capacity, systems, policies, and procedures. Ensure that infrastructure and resources enhance our capacity to be effective, efficient, and aligned to annual strategies, budgets and organizational priorities.
  • Strengthen operational performance by defining and measuring operational strategies; building relationships with all staff in order to improve internal communications and increase operational responsiveness; work with the Co-Directors and other team members on special projects as needed; and ensuring that key strategic initiatives are on track and that team members have the information and tools they need to be successful.
  • Lead and develop cross-organizational processes and working groups, bringing together stakeholders from various departments to reach alignment and strengthen collaboration and awareness of each other’s work.
  • Lead our opportunity and risk management processes, including identifying and monitoring areas of exposure. Oversee legal, fiscal, and administrative compliance across the organization, stay abreast of laws and regulations that impact or could impact CTUL
  • Evaluate the impact of growth on the organization, assess training and professional development needs, cross-training among staff, and succession planning. Collaborate with the leads team to develop staffing models and budget plans that support organizational growth.
  • Supporting a positive, inclusive organizational culture, which will be accomplished by developing organizational practices and expectations to support collaboration and mutuality, designing opportunities for healthy communication, self-reflection, learning, and conflict resolution, leading with transparency and trust-building practices, deepening staff empowerment with voice and choice, creating space for staff to set up peer supportive practices and systems.
  • Provide coaching, training, feedback, and mentoring to staff, as needed, to support our commitment to leadership development for all staff
  • Guide CTUL’s strategic planning process, in partnership with the Co-Directors and the Board.
  • Plan and facilitate (with support) staff retreats, staff meetings, leads meetings, and cross-team convenings.
  • Manage Board Evaluation and Policy Committee. Analyze, prepare, and present insightful information to the leads team and board of directors in support of strategic planning and decision making.
  • Serve internally as proxy for Co-Directors as needed, leading staff meetings, participating in Board of Directors’ committee meetings, and partner meetings as appropriate
  • Serve on the leads team, acting as a key advisor to the Co-Directors and the Board of Directors helping inform important strategy, planning, and budget decisions.
  • Supervise the finance and operations team of a finance lead and HR lead/office manager, and bottom line the financial health and people and culture functions of the organization.
  • Develop annual priorities, goals, and budget for the Infrastructure Department.
  • Monitor trends in the organization’s development and needs to forecast needed changes in future years.


Knowledge and Experience:

  • Minimum of 4 years of leadership experience, ideally in both nonprofit organizations and organizing campaigns/coalitions
  • An understanding of nonprofit finances–you don’t need to be a financial wizard but you should be able to explain a Profit and Loss statement or a Balance Sheet in a way that is meaningful to our staff and Board.
  • An understanding of nonprofit human resources structures and systems – ideally you have managed staff before and know how to develop and support a team, hold staff accountable to outcomes, and lead from a place of values that is aligned with CTUL’s mission
  • Strong strategic planning and project management experience – you are adept in developing and measuring goals and impact, anticipating unintended risks and consequences, and stewarding systems to manage risk and maximize the impact and effectiveness of our work
  • Able to build trust, credibility, and authentic relationships across teams and with your own team. Able to manage up when needed

    Other Expectations:

    • Commitment to social, racial, and economic justice work as an integral part of a multi-racial team.
    • Excellent communication and relationship building skills with an ability to use diplomacy and negotiation.
    • Bilingual English/Spanish a plus but not required.

Salary & Benefits

CTUL has a tiered salary range set by the Staff and Board based on the principles of economic justice and inclusion. This is a salaried position currently compensated at $56,000 per year for with an annual cost of living raise of 3%. This full-time salaried position will work on average 40 hours per week.

Benefits include: 3 weeks paid vacation, 12 paid sick days, 5 floating health days, medical and dental insurance for you and your immediate family at 10% cost, annual end of year payment of 5% of yearly salary towards retirement fund, and others.

Reports to: Co-Director


Please send resume, cover letter, and 3 professional references to using the subject: “Director of Strategic Operations and OE”

Applications are due Thursday, March 18, 2021. Position Open until Filled.

Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and people from other marginalized communities are strongly encouraged to apply