September 4, 2017 Strike


September 4, 2017

Fast Food Workers with CTUL will Strike on Labor Day to call for $15 from their employers and the city of St. Paul and having their hard won rights respected in Minneapolis!. community members will gather to support them ALL WORKERS DESERVE A LIVING WAGE!

Later, we will head to Minneapolis to celebrate our victory for $15 while recognizing that even though we have won the victory on paper, we will still need to enforce it. Workers ARE the eyes and ears on the ground that are necessary to enforce our policy victory. We will call on the city to fully fund enforcement including funding for community outreach and education and the critical work of enforcement that will help put an end to Wage Theft and other violations of workers Rights. We will call on employers to respect workers rights!

Check out this new report published by NELP: “Enforcement of a $15 Minimum Wage in Minneapolis Requires Strategic Community Partnerships.”

“Given Minneapolis’ racial and economic inequality, and the reflection and exacerbation of that inequality in workers’ experience of wage theft, any effort by the city to address these disparities must be accompanied by a strong commitment to vigorously enforce the city’s $15 minimum wage.”

Stand with Workers / Juntense con los trabajadores:

  • 5:30am-7:30am, McDonald’s, 2322 7th St. W., St. Paul. Action with striking workers / Accion con trabajadores en huelga

  • 8am-10am, Actions supporting workers demanding $15 and enforcement / Acciones para apoyar a trabajadores que exigen $15 y que se cumple

  • 10-11am, Ally meeting at CTUL / Reunion de aliados en CTUL

  • 11am-1pm, CTUL 3715 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis. Celebration of $15 in Minneapolis and launching the movement for enforcement / Celebracion de $15 en Minneapolis y lanzando el movimiento para asegurar que se cumple 

Transportation between all locations provided, as well as lunch. Contact Merle Payne with CTUL if you are interested in joining:

If you are unable to join the actions, click here to donate to support the strike

Si no puedes venir a las acciones, cliquean aqui para donar para apoyar la huelga