9/4 Fast Food Strikes

9/4 TC Fast Food Strike Report


On September 4th CTUL organized Twin Cities Fast Food Workers as part the national Fight for $15, with workers walking out on strike in over 150 cities. Workers were inspired both by recent strikes led by retail janitors with CTUL here in the Twin Cities and fast food strikes nationally. Read on for a report from the day, including press coverage, photos from the actions, and much more…


What an incredible day! CTUL organized with 29 fast food workers who went on strike in the Twin Cities, and according to workers, the strike shut down the kitchen of the McDonald’s at Broadway and University. Over 250 workers and community allies poured into the streets for two actions with workers. And nationally, thousands of fast food workers went on strike in over 150 cities around the country, with over 500 fast food workers participating in actions of civil disobedience. The world heard powerful stories from low-wage workers who are leading an inspiring movement for justice! 

Video from Labor Education Services

Check out coverage of the national strike in The New Yorker, “Dignity: Fast-Food workers and a new form of labor activism.” Also, check out some of the local coverage:


Fast food workers on strike in front of The Quarry Burger King

“I believe that we should all have a raise at some point…I think it’s a good way to show the big people, the big corporations what we’re made of, what we stand for, what we believe in. Our voices will be heard,” Guillermo Lindsay, McDonald’s worker and CTUL leader in the Twin Cities Strike.

Dania Caldwell, Burger King worker and CTUL leader in the Twin Cities Strike, talks about why she is organizing: “It’s hard. I live paycheck to paycheck…With me having three kids, I have to buy diapers. I have to buy clothes and school supplies. And I have no help, really.”

In the Twin Cities CTUL organized with fast food workers to prepare for the action. All told, 29 workers walking off their jobs, declaring publicly that they would no longer sit by idly suffering daily indignities of poverty wages and disrespect in their workplaces.

Andrew Craig FF15

Eneida Jaimes FF15-2 meme

Over 250 community allies including U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison and other elected officials, poured into the streets over the course to the day to stand side-by-side with workers.


Nakia Joseph and Stephen Strong, striking workers


U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison marching with striking worker, Washington Griffin


Morning action in NE Minneapolis

Workers led two actions: 6:00am at the McDonald’s in NE Minneapolis near The Quarry, and 12:30pm at the McDonald’s in Uptown Minneapolis. Inspired by the action, City Councilmembers Alondra Cano and Jacob Frey are now exploring increasing the minimum wage in Minneapolis to $15 an hour!

“The message conveyed by protesters who stormed the Uptown McDonald’s last week was heard loud and clear by at least a couple members of the Minneapolis City Council.”

“Council Member Jacob Frey…recently joined fast-food workers participating in a strike — and advocating for a $15 an hour wage — in northeast Minneapolis.”

All of the workers are now back at work, and are planning next steps to build worker power here in the Twin Cities and gain real changes in the workplace. Check out more photos of the day of action below, and click here to read all the local press coverage.

Pictures by Trang Do of Ten Thousand Words


Marching to McDonald’s in Uptown

State Rep Ryan Winkler marching with striking workers

Striking workers marching with State Sen. Scott Dibble & State Rep. Ryan Winkler


“Whatever it Takes for $15 and Union Rights”: Martina Ponce and her son 


Tarcila Cruz, Eneida Jaimes and Maritza Vidal, striking workers


Action at McDonald’s in Uptown

homecare worker standing with fast food workers

Home healthcare worker speaking in solidarity with striking fast food workers


Donia Caldwell, striking worker


Maritza Vidal, striking worker

marching 3

Marching to the Uptown McDonald’s


Stephen Strong, striking worker


Edith Patiño, striking worker


Ismael Santos, striking worker

worker speaking

Veronica Rosendo Ayala, striking worker

State Sen Scott Dibble

State Senator Scott Dibble with striking workers

State Rep Ryan Winkler

State Rep. Ryan Winkler with striking workers


Ismael Santos, striking fast food worker, speaking in the McDonald’s

more workers

Rachel Medina, Lourdes Rodriguez, striking fast food workers

Pictures by Ryan Stopera

striking workers

Angel Rivera and Veronica Herrera, striking fast food workers

US Rep Keith Ellison with worker

Striking fast food worker, Stephen Strong, together with U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison

striking worker2

Veronica Rosendo Ayala speaking at the morning action

State Rep. Raymond Dehn

State Rep. Raymond Dehn speaking at the morning action


Inside the McDonald’s at The Quarry

Mpls City Councilmember Jacob Frey

Minneapolis City Councilmember Jacob Frey standing with workers


Community allies at the morning action

IWJ Board Member, Pastor Doug Mork

Interfaith Worker Justice Board Member Pastor Doug Mork


Eneida Jaimes speaking at the morning action