Job Opening: Construction Worker Organizer

Construction Worker Organizer with CTUL (Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha)


CTUL seeks to hire an organizer to organize with Construction Workers in the Twin Cities metro area. This position will require the ability to work independently. Please submit resume and cover letter by  January 16th, 2019.  


CTUL’s Mission

CTUL organizes low-wage workers from across the Twin Cities to develop leadership and educate one another to build power and lead the struggle for fair wages, better working conditions, basic respect, and a voice in our workplaces. CTUL is an organization of workers and for workers, committed to securing fair working conditions for present and future generations.

Program Description;

This program focuses on leadership development to build power with non-union construction workers across the Twin Cities to end wage theft in the industry and create structures in which workers can have a voice on the job. To accomplish this, there is an intensive focus on base building and leadership development. This position will primarily focus on building a base of workers and mini-campaigns with workers who experience wage theft.


Position Description:

This is a full-time, salaried position organizing workers. This work will be carried out in the community and at workers’ homes and workplaces to organize workers to join a movement fighting for fair wages and working conditions for themselves and others. This includes meeting new workers, identifying potential leaders, and developing leadership to build power in their workplace and in their communities. It also includes supporting workers who are experiencing wage theft at work to communicate with employers to win back stolen wages and highlight their victories.



Previous experience working in construction highly desired

Have a passion for organizing workers

Always do the work with the goal of advancing CTUL’s mission

Be able to push workers outside of their comfort zone

Take initiative to develop your own leadership to complete your goals and expectations

Have a car and be comfortable driving

Have a flexible schedule, including some early mornings, nights and weekends

Spanish required. Bilingual helpful.

Previous organizing experience is helpful but NOT necessary if you are motivated and willing to learn


Construction Worker organizer (90% of work)

Find new workers at work and at their homes

Set up 1-1 meetings with workers identified at work, and through other contacts

Listen and understand the interests of each worker in your area

Motivate and agitate workers to fight

Be persistent obtaining commitments from workers

Identify potential leaders

Develop worker leadership

Get workers to take action including work stoppages/strikes

Develop meeting agendas and facilitate meetings to engage construction workers

Build CTUL’s membership and collect membership contributions

Meet regularly with team to evaluate and improve work

Participate in creating new strategic ideas on how to engage workers

Participate in and lead direct action


CTUL general support (10% of time)

Perform tasks as part of the team that develop leadership with all workers in CTUL’s base

Support other organizers when necessary for organizational goals

Be part of raising money to support the organization


Salary & Benefit


  • $38,600 yearly salary starting, with increase after the 1st year


  • Low cost Medical and Dental Insurance
  • 3 weeks paid vacation per year
  • 12 paid sick days per year
  • + more




Please send resume and cover letter to Ruth Schultz at

People of color are strongly encouraged to apply