House Party Sample Program

This guide is intended to be altered depending on your goals, number of guests, time frame, etc.

  • Guests arrive and get refreshments, sign in, mingle, etc. (20-30 mins)
  • Host welcomes (5 min): Share who you are, why you are called to this work, and why you’re taking action in this moment.
  • Host Introduces CTUL speakers (2 minutes)
  • CTUL Organizer introduction (5 minutes). A staff organizer from CTUL says a few words about CTUL then introduces the leader
  • CTUL leader (15 minutes). A CTUL leader talks about their experience in their workplace, including the challenges they faced and how they have organized with CTUL for better working conditions, wages, and a voice in the workplace
  • Host makes an ask (5 min): Anybody helping with the party ushers the crowd. This is the opportunity to make the fundraising pitch and ask the guests to sign up to volunteer, continue the conversation at another time, etc. Try to tie an amount to something tangible. Ask for a specific amount. Say that their support is critical.
  • Host gives people time to donate / sign up / make plans for follow-up conversations (5-10 min)
  • Guests may want to hang around and talk, enjoy more food, etc.