CTUL First Annual Fundraiser Banquet

We would like to thank the following organizations for supporting workers at CTUL by signing on as Sponsoring Organizations of our First Annual Fundraiser Banquet: Workers’ Interfaith Network, Bethany Lutheran Church, ISAIAH, Minnesota AFL-CIO, AFSME Local 3800, Minnesota Nurses’ Association, SEIU Local 26, St. Paul Regional Labor Federation, Miller-O’Brien-Cummins PLLP, DeLeon & Nestor LLC, and Nichols Kaster PLLP.


Minnesota Nurses Association members joined CTUL members for our First Annual Fundraiser Banquet.  MNA recently won an inspiring victory for over 12,000 nurses in the metro area after organizing the largest nurses’ strike in U.S. history (Picture on the right: CTUL members on the nurses’ picket line).

Bethany Lutheran Church and Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Coalition


CTUL members welcomed participants, explained our history, and described the Retail Cleaning Campaign.

Adam Robinson, co-chair of Workers’ Interfaith Network, expressed strong support from the faith community for the Retail Cleaning Campaign, calling on Target, SuperValu and Lunds & Byerly’s to meet with workers.

At the end, allies signed commitment cards, committing to join workers in future meetings and actions if necessary.

CTUL would also like to thank the following local businesses for supporting the fundraiser banquet through donations: Second Moon, 5 de Mayo, Second Harvest, and Common Roots.