Our Campaigns

Fast Food Campaign

The fast food industry is growing and replacing good paying jobs. These ever growing companies aren’t sharing their wealth with their employees, many of whom are paid poverty wages which can’t support their families. CTUL and workers have been fighting back, demanding just wages and benefits from this powerful industry.

Defensores de Derechos

With this series of powerful workshops, Defensores (Defenders) train workers about their workplace rights and how to defend them. By giving more and more workers the power to hold their employers accountable, we are building the base for a movement.

Retail Cleaning Campaign

Large companies like Target and Macy’s have outsourced their cleaning to private contractors, who skirt the law to get away with wage theft and minimal benefits. CTUL has been building worker power to force companies to pay their workers for wage theft, increase wages, and offer benefits.

Ally Organizing

In order to win in the struggle for justice, everyone needs to be involved. CTUL organizes allies to show up in solidarity and build their own power in solidarity with low-wage workers.