Anisca signs agreement

ANISCA Becomes First Retail Janitorial Company in Minnesota that  Agrees to Not Interfere with Employees’ Right to Form a Union

As other retail janitorial companies in the Twin Cities continue to violate their employees’ rights to organize without fear of retaliation, provoking what is likely to be the second strike this year, one cleaning contractor has chosen to take a much different approach.

Anisca Floor Maintenance is a Minnesota based business that provides professional cleaning services in both Minnesota and Iowa.  The company has agreed to remain neutral and not oppose any effort by its employees to form a union.  The employees will have the right to freely choose if they want union representation. Inaddition, the union agrees that it will not engage in the strikes, picketing or other labor disruptions against Anisca that have become all too common in the Twin Cities retail janitorial industry over the last few years.

“At Anisca we feel that it is important for all employees to be respected, treated fairly and be well compensated for their labor. Due to the nature of our industry some companies do anything they can to meet that bottom line, be it squeeze employees wages to below state required minimums, or other more unsavory tactics”, said Caleb Ambriz, the General Manager at Anisca.

“At times the fair treatment of employees can only be accomplished through the use of third parties such as labor unions. Whether or not to use these mediums is a decision that the employees should take based on their own free will, that is why we chose to be the first to sign on to this agreement.”