Black Friday Calls

Call the following companies to ask that they pay close attention to the company that cleans their stores in the Twin Cities to make sure that the company does not illegally retaliate against workers:

  • Target Corporation: John D. Griffith, EVP Property Development, (612) 761-1487
  • Sears Holdings (owns Sears and K-Mart): Lori Miller, (847) 286-4482
  • Kohl’s: Kevin Mansel, President and CEO, (262) 703-1295
  • Home Depot: Frank Blake, Chairman and CEO, 770-433-8211, ext 15659


Hi, my name is _______ and I am calling from ______ regarding the unfair labor practice strike led this morning by retail janitors who work for contracted companies to clean Target and other stores in the Twin Cities.

We hope that you will pay close attention to the practices of the company that is contracted to clean your stores in the Twin Cities area to make sure that the company respects workers’ rights to organize for better treatment, including the right to participate in an unfair labor practice strike without facing any form of retaliation.

We will continue to pay attention to these issues and participate in necessary actions to protect and ensure workers’ rights to organize without fear of retaliation.