Lunds & Byerly’s actions

For generations, Lunds has been a company filled with family traditions and values, but over the past few years it would appear that Lunds is sweeping those values under the rug. How can it be that the very same company that prides itself on “enriching neighborhoods through charitable giving” also maintains a bidding process that leads to poverty wages and miserable working conditions for the very workers who clean their stores?

According to one of the cleaning companies that cleans many of Lunds & Byerly’s stores, Lunds is constantly looking for savings. As a result, the new contract (which started on Monday, February 7) would mean changes for the workers. And what were those changes?

  • Around a dozen workers were fired without any notice, left wondering how they are going to feed their families and pay rent at the end of the month.
  • The rest of the workforce is left to work in constant fear of a supervisor who has allegedly sexually harassed employees in the past.

This is just the latest in a number of changes to fit Lunds “savings” needs. So long as Lunds’ priority is based on constant savings, it does not matter what company is brought in, the results will be the same: more and more cuts in wages, constantly increasing workload, and a workplace of constant fear about workplace safety and job security.