Maricela Flores, CTUL member, works for Carlson Building Maintenance cleaning a Target store

“This is the second time I have gone on strike. This time impacted me a lot more because I knew that I was not only going on strike, I was finally going to meet with Target representatives in Denver before their shareholder meeting! I was nervous before the meeting because I was afraid they would talk to us like our supervisors talk to us – mean and dismissive.
When we got there, I actually got a chance to talk about all the problems me and my coworkers face cleaning their stores. It felt really good to be able to say these things outloud to people who I know can make a difference. They weren’t mean to us. They listened to us. I think that this was a really good step. But my working conditions are still the same. I hope that as we keep talking to Target we can begin to make some real changes at work.”