Nov. 10, 2015



Retail janitors are gearing up for the November 10 strike deadline, with workers from six different cleaning companies who clean over 40 stores in the Twin Cities metro area ready to strike. Janitors who clean Macy’s stores are in an ongoing class action lawsuit against their employer – Capital Building Services Group – in which workers complain of wages as low as $4-5 an hour. Workers are prepared to strike for $15, paid sick days, fair schedules, and an end to wage theft.


Workers will lead the #ReclaimOurStreets: March for Working Families, joined by hundreds of other low-wage workers and community allies including: fast food workers organizing with CTUL, retail workers organizing with Working America, low-wage workers organizing with NOC, home healthcare workers organizing with SEIU Healthcare, Black Lives Matter, 15 Now, and the entire #MPLSWorks coalition.

The march will culminate in a rally at Minneapolis City Hall, calling on the City of Minneapolis to support municipal policies for $15, fair scheduling, paid sick days, and an end to wage theft as a first step to deal with the deep racial and economic divides in the city:


#ReclaimOurCity: March for Working Families

5:30am University and Broadway, NE Mpls. Action with fast food workers and SuperAmerica workers to start the march

7:30am Macy’s in Downtown Minneapolis (700 Nicollet Mall). Picket with retail janitors on strike against cleaning companies

9:30am Rally in Minneapolis City Hall calling for $15, fair scheduling, paid sick days, and an end to wage theft

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