Proposed Settlement

Proposed Settlement Reached Between Diversified Maintenance Systems and Janitors Who Cleaned Target Stores for $675,000

Yesterday, February 14, 2013, a judge signed a preliminary approval order on a proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit against cleaning contractor Diversified Maintenance Systems (DMS), alleging wage and hour violations by the company. For those of you who have been keeping up with the campaign, the lawsuit was initially filed by DMS workers who clean Target stores in the Twin Cities metro area.

In their 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report, Target claims that: “We will not knowingly work with any company that does not comply with our ethical standards…” and “We seek business partners who do not require a work week that exceeds local laws or business customs and who do not require a week of more than 48 hours, plus a maximum of 12 hours overtime, on a regularly scheduled basis. Workers shall have at least one in seven days off.” Yet in this case, workers who clean Target stores right here in the Twin Cities report having to work seven days, 56-80 hours per week without receiving full overtime pay.

The proposed settlement of $675,000 is a huge victory for workers, but it is not enough. This is at least the fifth significant federal lawsuit led by workers who clean Target stores in the past ten years alleging unpaid overtime and/or minimum wage. It is time for Target Corporation to commit to contracting responsible cleaning contractors to make sure this type of issue will never take place in the cleaning of Target stores!

Click here for a copy of the joint memorandum.

Click here for a copy of the original lawsuit.