Documents about Diversified Maintenance and the retail cleaning industry

OSHA investigations at Diversified Maintenance, August 2012:

  • Minnesota Department of Labor OSHA report: “On August 30, 2012, and Occupational and Health Safety investigation was conducted at Diversified Maintenance LLC…Apparent violations were observed and citations have been issued to the company for correction”
Lawsuit against Diversified Maintenance in the District of Minnesota, United States District Court, CASE 0:11-cv-03106-SRN-TNL, October 2011
  • 12 workers filed a lawsuit against Diversified charging that the company required them to work overtime hours without overtime pay.
  • “Plaintiff Alvarez began his employment with Defendant DMS in 2011 and worked approximately 80-90 hours per week. He was not paid overtime for those hours in excess of 40 hours worked per wee[k]”
  • “Defendants consistently required the Plaintiffs to record their overtime hours under the name of a ghost employee.”
  • “Plaintiffs were required to pay out-of-pocket maintenance costs associated with the upkeep of equipment necessary to complete their employment”

After the above lawsuit was filed, lawyers for the workers moved for conditional certification of the case as a class action. On August 30, 2012, the workers who filed the lawsuit and the defendants reached an agreement to allow for conditional certification of the case as a class action, potentially covering certain Sears, Kmart, Target, Best Buy and JC Penney stores in parts of seven states in the Midwest. Click here for United States District Court document with more information (in Spanish).

White Paper on retail cleaning in Minnesota – “A Dirty Business: Worker Exploitation in Minnesota’s Retail Janitorial Industry
  • “Over the past five years, [Diversified Maintenance] has been the subject of at least six private lawsuits as well as an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor…”
  • “I worked as a cleaner for Diversified Maintenance for about 4 and a half years. I work to support my family here and the children that I have in Mexico. For years I worked 8 hours per night, seven days a week without a day off, to be able to make extra money to send home. However, in that time, I was not paid time and a half for 8 of the overtime hours I worked. I worked every week. I am not asking for anything extra. Just to be paid what I am owed.” Leticia Baeza

Wall of Shame, including information about numerous violations of workers’ rights in the the retail cleaning industry