S29 Background

September 29, 2012


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After over a decade of declining wages, increasing workloads, and multiple lawsuits and United States Department of Labor (USDOL) investigations involving reports of millions of dollars of unpaid overtime wages around the country, retail cleaning workers in the Twin Cities have decided that enough is enough. Since April 2010, workers have attempted to open dialogue with the companies that impact this industry to discuss ways to improve wages and working conditions. While many workers report winning the first pay increase they have seen after over a decade of declining wages, the companies have continually refused to open dialogue.

Diversified Maintenance is a company that has been involved in at least six lawsuits and one USDOL investigation regarding unpaid overtime wages, all just in the past five years. The most recent lawsuit is taking place in the Twin Cities involving workers who worked for Diversified Maintenance cleaning Target stores who claim that they were not paid overtime wages (“Minnesota janitors protest over unpaid overtime, wages“, Twin Cities Daily Planet, May 2, 2012). In addition, Diversified Maintenance employees in the Twin Cities area recently filed 17 OSHA complaints against the company alleging unsafe working conditions (“Cleaning crews allege unsafe work conditions at stores“, Pioneer Press, 8/28/12)

On Saturday, September 29, 2012, CTUL is organizing a day of reflection and action, calling on Diversified to meet with CTUL and workers to discuss fair wages and working conditions. Join us in the fight for workers’ rights!

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