Strike Report


What an amazing week! Workers walked out in a powerful 48 hour strike, and hundreds of community allies stood with workers on picket lines. And the strike had a huge impact. One week before the strike date, Target executives agreed to meet with striking workers in a 90 minute meeting before the shareholder meeting in Denver.

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Brief except: “Over the past six months there has been a growing wave of strikes led by low-wage workers, from fast food workers to retail workers at Walmart to retail janitors. From afar one might ask, what has been the effect of this movement? Looking here on the ground in the Twin Cities, we see significant change. Read on to see all of the momentum for change that has grown over the past few months…”

Worker Testimonies from the Strike:

striker6 enriquemaricela2

Enrique BarcenasLesly Ramos, Maricela Flores, Bonifacio Salinas, Celina Onofre, Santos Rodriguez, Ana Arevalo


Pictures from Day 1 of the Strike

Pictures from Day 2 of the Strike


Highlights of Strike Press Coverage

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