Videos from the Campaign for Justice in Retail Cleaning

Videos from the Campaign for Justice in Retail Cleaning

CTUL: A Home Away From Home – Feb. 2018


Raise Worker Voice Campaign – Feb. 2017


Victory in the Retail Janitorial Campaign – Oct. 2016

May Day 2017

Video by Labor Education Services

Build up to May Day 2017 Strikes


Peaceful carolers assaulted by mall security after calling for a Responsible Contractor Policy from Kohl’s


November 10, 2015 Strike

LES Video

#Fightfor15 Worker’s Strike 11-10-15 from Adja Gildersleve on Vimeo.

Victory Announcement: June 2014

1. CTUL Victory

2. “Victory! ‘My heart opened up and started to blossom,'” Labor Education Services

3. “Target Store Cleaners Get a Win,” MN2020

4. “CTUL” Twin Cities Daily Planet

5. “CTUL Target Victory Press Conference,” Labor Education Services

6. “CTUL Celebrates Target Victory,” Bill Sorem


Black Friday 2013 Strike

1. Pre-Strike: Workers announce plans to strike on Black Friday:

2. CTUL video on strike and march (in Spanish)

3. Labor Education Services video of picket

4. MN2020 video of March to End Poverty Wages:


July 2013 Strike


Preparation for June 10, 2013 Strike Deadline



Strike Picket: 2/26/13

Over 200 workers and allies led a four hour picket in front of the Target store in downtown Minneapolis.


Strike Rally: 2/25/13

Over 200 workers and allies came our for the strike rally at CTUL, including State Senator Patricia Torres Ray and Minneapolis City Council Member Elizabeth Glidden (Video from Labor Education Services)


History of the Struggle (Feb. 2013)

A brief look at the history of the Campaign for Justice in Retail Cleaning building up to the strike.


Retail janitors speak out about why we are organizing (Feb. 2013):

26 retail janitors who work for different contracted companies cleaning Target, Sears, and other stores in the Twin Cities speak out.


Unlock our Future (Jan. 2013)

Hear from one of the leaders in the Campaign for Justice in Retail Cleaning


General Video about the Campaign

General video about the Campaign for Justice in Retail Cleaning, focusing attention on one retail cleaning company, Diversified Maintenance, which cleans Kmart, Sears, Lord & Taylor, Target, Best Buy and other stores.


10/31/12: “Ghost” Employee Press Conference


9/29/12 A Day of Action and Reflection

On September 29, 2012, cleaning workers with CTUL felt an overwhelming outpour of community support as over 250 workers and allies joined a “sea of red” demanding fair pay from Diversified Maintenance, a company that cleans K-Mart, Sears, Target and other stores in the Twin Cities. Workers announced that an ongoing lawsuit against Diversified Maintenance regarding allegations of unpaid overtime wages received conditional class action status.


8/28/12 Press Conference regarding OSHA complaints (footage from The Uptake)


4/25 Press Conference Announcing Lawsuit against Diversified Maintenance Systems

Video of the CTUL Press Conference April 25, 2012, launching the next phase of the Campaign for Justice in Retail Cleaning


First Annual CTUL Gala Fundraiser & Silent Auction