Timeline of Campaign for Justice in Retail Cleaning

Fall of 2009: CTUL members begin reaching out to retail janitors to form an organizing committee

Spring of 2010: CTUL sends letters to over 20 retailers regarding problems in contracted cleaning of their stores, calling on them to meet with CTUL and workers to adopt a Code of Conduct.

November 2010: CTUL leads 3 mile march to bring this issue to public light.

May 2011: CTUL leads 12-day hunger strike, calling on Retailers to dialogue about Code of Conduct.

June-September 2011: Workers receive first raise in 10 years. The industry consolidates from over 25 companies to 4-5 companies dominating the market. Workers shift from Code of Conduct strategy to unionizing the industry. CTUL and SEIU deepen partnership. CTUL supports workers efforts with Union.

February 2013: First strike. 12 retail janitors strike and lead picket line outside of Target. Settlement reached in class action lawsuit against a contractor at Target, Best Buy and other stores, for $675,000.

June 2013: Second strike. 24 retail janitors on strike, and picket outside of Target. CTUL members go to Target ‘s shareholder meeting in Denver, CO and meet with Target executives, starting dialogue between Target executives and CTUL members who clean Target stores.

November 2013: Third strike. 45 retail janitors strike, and picket outside of Target. Later, workers join a mass march to increase state minimum wage, ending in a civil disobedience.

June 2014: Target Corporation agrees to adopt a Responsible Contractor Policy Just before workers to walk out on a fourth strike. Strike is canceled and turns into a celebration.

October 2014: Target brings in two cleaning contractors under the new Responsible Contractor Policy: Carlson Building Maintenance and Prestige Maintenance USA. The union engages cleaning companies.

November 2014: Fourth strike. Picket line outside of Home Depot, with over 80 strikers.

June 2015: Fifth strike. Picket line outside of Macy’s. The union reached an agreement with that one of the two companies that clean Target. Striking workers participated in the Best Buy shareholder meeting, calling on the company to follow Target’s leadership.

November 2015: Sixth strike. CTUL members from fast food and retail cleaning strike, impacting over 70 stores. Workers picket outside Macy’s. second company reaches agreement with the union.

February 2016: Settlement in class action lawsuit against company that cleans Macy’s & Herberger’s, for $425,000 in back wages and damages. Workers lead the seventh strike, with a picket outside of Macy’s.

June 2016: Just before annual shareholder meeting, Best Buy agrees to use responsible cleaning contractor, moving one more company to open dialogue with the union.

August 2016: Macy’s changes cleaning contractors to use a responsible cleaning contractor.

September 2016: In addition to Target, Macy’s, and Best Buy, several other stores begin to use responsible cleaning contractors including Whole Foods and Lunds & Byerly’s.