VICTORY!   ¡VICTORIA! After six years of marches, strikes and more, retail janitors organizing with CTUL have won a permanent voice across the entire industry. The Twin Cities is now the first metropolitan area in the entire country where the retail janitorial industry is union. Click here for CTUL’s complete statement about the victory. Maricela Flores, CTUL member and retail janitor, in the Guardian about the victory: “I could have done nothing, but I chose to fight. This has been a long fight, but now I feel overjoyed. All the hard work has paid off.”  “Twin Cities janitors declare victory in […]

VICTORY! Paid Sick Days in Minneapolis! May 2016

VICTORY! Paid Sick Days in Minneapolis: May 2016 VICTORIA! Dias Enfermos Pagados en Minneapolis! (Cliquean el Link de arriba para espanol) Today, the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to pass Earned Sick and Safe Time. This historic vote comes after more than a year of leaders with Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL) and many other organizations fighting to win. ”Passing earned sick and safe time is a huge victory for workers and our families. Fast food workers and janitors with CTUL have been striking for the past few years for higher wages, union rights, a voice in the workplace […]

Fast Food Workers Strike: April 2016

Fast Food Workers Strike: April 2016 NEW: Check out these incredible photos of the day of action Fight for 15 from Ubuntu Media Productions on Vimeo Hundreds of striking fast food workers and community allies came out for a day of action, fighting for $15, union rights, and paid sick days. The day started with an action at the McDonald’s at 471 Marion St. in St. Paul, and ended with an action at the McDonald’s at Lake and 2nd in Minneapolis. Click here for a report of the day. Click here fore some amazing photos from the morning action by […]

Retail Janitors Strike to #ReclaimOurDreams: February 2016

Retail Janitors Strike to #ReclaimOurDreams: February 2016 (photos here from St. Paul Union Advocate) – Over 300 striking retail janitors and community allies stood on the picket line this morning outside of the Downtown Minneapolis Macy’s. A few updates on the strike: Photos from the strike Interview on Kare 11 with Jesus Sanchez, CTUL member and employee of Capital who cleans a Macy’s store, talking about why he is on strike. Video by Line Break Media showing support from elected officials who stood with striking janitors on the picket line. Press Highlights (click here for a link to all of the […]

Retail Janitors Win Class Action Lawsuit: February 2016

Retail Janitors Win Class Action Lawsuit: February 2016 Days before strike, retail janitors win proposed class action settlement for over $400,000! Jesus Sanchez, CTUL member: “By uniting together my co-workers and I have won a big victory. But we shouldn’t be forced to sue our employer to be paid for hours that we already worked. Wage theft is an all too common problem for retail janitors. We don’t need a band-aid. We need a cure. And that cure is a voice on the job, union rights, and $15 an hour. My co-workers and I are prepared to strike on February 18th […]

CTUL Member Lucila Dominguez receives 2015 Facing Race Ambassador Award

CTUL Member Lucila Dominguez receives 2015 Facing Race Ambassador Award In the morning, Lucila stood with workers who complain of unpaid wages in the sub-contracted cleaning of Walgreens and other stores. Later that evening she received top honors from the Saint Paul Foundation for her anti-racism work, organizing with low-wage workers of color for fair wages, fair working conditions, and a voice in the workplace. “Low-wage workers of color who are members of CTUL, like myself, are stepping up. We refuse to follow the vicious cycle of changing from job to job, stuck in a system of economic, social and racial inequity. Instead, we […]

Fast Food Workers and Retail Janitors Strike to #ReclaimOurCity in the #Fightfor15: Black Friday 2015

Fast Food Workers and Retail Janitors Strike to #ReclaimOurCity in the #Fightfor15: Black Friday 2015 #Fightfor15 Worker’s Strike 11-10-15 from Adja Gildersleve on Vimeo. Click here for photos and a report of the actions – Over 500 striking workers and community allies took to the streets in Minneapolis this on November 10, 2015! The day started bright and early at 5:30am in a picket with striking fast food workers at the McDonald’s at University and Broadway in Northeast Minneapolis. Workers then marched to the Macy’s in Downtown Minneapolis for a picket against cleaning companies with striking retail janitors. Finally, striking workers joined hundreds […]

Retail Janitor Strike Report: June 2015

Retail Janitor Strike Report: June 2015 Retail janitors from over 50 stores in the Twin Cities metro area walked out on strike on 6.9.15 demanding fair wages and an end to wage theft. Just a day before the strike, CTUL published a new report about the prevalence of wage theft in the retail janitorial industry, including the class action lawsuit filed three weeks ago by employees of Capital who clean Macy’s and Herberger’s stores (“Held Up Without a Gun – Wage Theft in Minnesota’s Janitorial Industry“). Well over 250 striking workers and community allies joined the picket line from 6-7:30am. Click here for a […]